Why is my Sky broadband speed slow?

The speed of the broadband at a property can alter due to the location of the property, how many devices are connected to the router and many other factors. Please contact Sky Broadband and run through troubleshooting or try disconnecting some devices to gain better speeds.

It will be the Sky Business department you would need to speak to, they can be contacted on 0844 241 1611. They will provide you with options that sound like they may apply to you, but please let the line ring through and ask if you are speaking to the Business department. They won’t need any account numbers, only your property address!

This phone number does charge a premium rate, so if you would prefer our Customer Support team to book you in a callback with Sky, please get in touch via Live Chat, email to [email protected] or give us a call on 0191 622 0102.

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