Why has my energy (gas and/or electricity) supply not switched over to One Utility Bill?

We are a utility management company, not an energy supplier. Our Operations team will contact our trusted partner providers who will take over the supply of the property.

There are a number of reasons why suppliers might object to the supply moving away from them, we will communicate with you in the first instance if we encounter any objection. Do not worry, we deal with utility companies every day so are experts in solving issues and communicating with you. Some of the common objections can be a result of the following:


  • There is debt on the account
  • The account is in the name of the Owner/ Occupier
  • The property is tied into a contract with the current supplier
  • The supplier needs more information in order to open up the energy account. This could be your tenancy agreement as proof of when you moved into the property or a letter of authority (LoA) which you will need to sign for One Utility Bill to act on your behalf
  • If the supplier has been billing your property under a Business account because the meter is registered as a commercial meter as opposed to a domestic. This will mean that we require proof of the property being used for residential purposes only and the meter type will need to be changed on the National Database. This can take some time and only certain suppliers can take over commercial meters.
  • If the supplier hasn’t received any meter readings for a long time period – current meter readings will need to be recorded and submitted
  • Our partner suppliers may not be able to locate the meters at your property based on the address alone. This will mean that we will require you to take clear pictures of your meters and send them to us – this will allow us to read the meter serial number (MSN) and pass this along to our partner
  • There may be two live gas or electricity meters at your property which will mean that One Utility Bill will have to take over four meters and have two de-energised. This is usually typical when two flats have been knocked down and rebuilt into one bigger property.
  • As mistakes happen, our partners may have taken over the incorrect meter! If this happens, we will require pictures of your meters so that they can take over the correct supply to your property.

If you have any concerns regarding the switchover of supply at your property please get in touch with our Customer Support team using LiveChat through our website, calling 0800 170 1166 or emailing [email protected].

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