What happens if I go over my usage?

If you’ve used more than your allowance – we will get in touch to let you know how much over you are and what that costs. But don’t worry! Our allowances are very generous so it’s unlikely you will go over. We will get in touch every month to check your meter readings and let you know how much energy from your allowance you used that month.

If you’ve used less than your allowance – Fantastic! Once we have received all the final bills from the providers we will get in contact and let you know the amount owed to you (this can take up to 12 weeks for your tenancy end date). We will debit the money you’ve not used back to the lead tenant or split it equally across all tenants if you have Bill Share on.

Unlimited energy customers
If you are an unlimited energy customer, there are no charges for over usage as you have an uncapped allowance.

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