What is a ‘Walled Garden’?

A Walled Garden is an additional feature to Web Safe and is a type of Child Lock. A Walled Garden will automatically be turned on by Virgin Media, it will block unsuitable site categories automatically, such as: Pornography Violence Crime Hate Drugs Hacking Suicide and Self Harm Address Hiding These categories will […]

Can I have my Virgin Media account log in?

Yes, we will give you your Virgin media account number, site ID, and password. However, please do not change any details on the account or set up a My Virgin Media online account as this will cause the bills to be sent directly to you and we will not be able […]

What if I don’t have access to my meters?

Ask your letting agency or landlord where you can locate the meters and how to gain access to them. Some letting agencies provide information boards in communal areas of the property which can include information on where to locate your meter. Some meters can be found in meter boxes. These […]

Why is the screen of my meter blank?

This could be due for a couple of reasons: – The meter is asleep – the supply is still live but the meter screen has gone to sleep. If this is the case, to wake it back up try pressing the red or blue/black button found on the meter – […]

What happens at the end of my tenancy?

When you take out a One Utility Bill package you will either; provide us with a tenancy end date meaning you will be on a fixed term package, or you will have an open tenancy meaning you will be on a rolling One Utility Bill package. Depending on what type […]